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Empowering more than 3,000 parents through skills training and meaningful work experiences to achieve financial independence and provide for their families.



Oftentimes parents can find themselves without access to the resources they need to achieve independence and best support their families. They may require skills training, need a personal responsibility plan, or most importantly, desire a chance to hold a meaningful occupation. Enter CareerPlace, a partner of the Seedco network and a program that empowers parents by giving them ownership in their new livelihood and achievements, as well as a second chance to make their families and employers proud. CareerPlace focuses on job readiness—giving parents the expertise they need to re-enter the workforce as well-trained, well-prepared individuals, and then matching them with employers whose needs they can best fill. The result is a work experience that puts everyone on the right path, and a community that is stronger for everyone.


CareerPlace began operations in July 2008 on Brooks Road in the Whitehaven community. Due to the program’s overwhelming success, the program expanded its facility to create two times its original training capacity in May 2009. In 2010, CareerPlace began training for the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification program.

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Cynthia was in Porter-Leath's Employment Training for Teens about ten years ago. Now, she operates her own day home founded on the skills she learned at Porter-Leath.
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